Opening period: May – September

The company Imprese Lignano – S.I.L. S.p.A., as the concessionaire for the management of the Lignano Riviera beach, invites all visitors to observe all the provisions contained in the Order of the Port Captaincy, displayed at each beach office, and in the Regulation of Management of the Maritime State Property and discipline of beach activities. In particular, it is pointed out that:

  • Access to the beach is free.
  • With a red or yellow flag, access to the water can pose a danger to one’s safety. The red flag indicates danger and/or lack of lifeguard service, therefore swimming is not recommended. The yellow flag indicates the presence of strong wind, and umbrellas must remain closed.
  • Sil Spa provides its customers with the rental of beach equipment, which includes: use of an umbrella with two beach chairs (standard equipment), use of an umbrella with one beach chair and a sun lounger (light area), use of toilets, showers, entertainment service, lifeguard and first aid activities.
  • All users of S.I.L. S.p.A.’s equipment declare at the time of booking that they are aware of and accept this regulation without exception.
  • The guest must be able to show proof of payment upon request from the company’s staff responsible for the checks. The validity of daily subscriptions is subject to the timely compliance of customers with the conditions listed in this regulation. It is agreed, by express agreement, that the violation of even one of the conditions indicated in this regulation gives the SIL SPA the right to withdraw from the provision of services, with the consequent loss for the customer of the amounts paid for this purpose.
  • No subscription refunds are made for any reason. It is also specified that it is not possible to change positions for any reason.
  • A maximum of 4 beach chairs and sun loungers can be placed under each umbrella.
  • It is not possible to take equipment from other umbrellas and place it under your own.
  • People must maintain a decent behavior and must not disturb other beach users.
  • Guests must use beach equipment carefully and must not damage it.
  • S.I.L. S.p.A reserves the right to modify the number of rows in addition to those present, and the customer will be relocated while trying to maintain the same location. If there is a need related to the company’s activity, S.I.L. S.p.A reserves the right to assign a different beach spot than the one requested.
  • Children must use the games in the presence of parents or adult guardians. The management declines any responsibility for improper use of the equipment.
  • Each guest is required to keep their belongings and not leave any items under the umbrella. The Management of S.I.L. S.p.A and its staff will not be held responsible for any theft of abandoned items.

In case of reservations for less than the entire season, it will be necessary to:

a) Call +39 0431 42 44 11 or send an email to
b) Pay a deposit (equal to 30% of the total cost including VAT) within 15 days from the reservation date.

The deposit must be sent by bank transfer to:
IBAN: IT 63 T 06230 63910 000015043235

Please specify in the reason for payment:
– Surname and name;
– Beach number;
– Umbrella number.

c) Pay the remaining amount within 3 days from the arrival date.
d) There are no discounted rates for customers who request an extension for a period of less than 6 days. Discounts listed apply for periods longer than 6 days.
e) Reservations for weekends (including holidays) are not accepted without payment of the full amount in advance.

In case of seasonal bookings, we recommend following the following procedure:

a) Filling out the request form (available at the beach offices from the opening of the establishment).
b) Payment of the deposit (equal to 30% of the total cost, including VAT) no later than September 17th, otherwise the umbrella will become indisputably available for other bookings.

The deposit must be made by BANK TRANSFER made out to:
IBAN: IT 63 T0623063910000015043235

Specifying in the reason for payment:
– Surname and name;
– Beach number;
– Umbrella number.

c) Payment of the balance by March 31st.