Online Booking Rules

Online Booking Rules

Before completing the booking it is recommended to pay attention to the beach office, the periods and the beach place chosen.
It is not possible to cancel and/or modify the booking made. No refund of the amounts paid for any reason will be made.
Reservations will be applied to the discounts provided by the list for continuous periods.
The beach place consists of an umbrella with 2 sunbeds (except for the last row of bathrooms 4, 5 and 6: The beach Place consists of an umbrella, a sunbed and a deckchair).
The online purchase can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). Credit card payments are encrypted and the absolute protection of the customer’s data is guaranteed.
The online purchase gives the customer the possibility of direct access to the reserved seat, without need to go to the beach office. The customer will receive via e-mail a voucher from which he can download the invoice to be exhibited at every request of the beach staff.

How to buy

* The first time you make an online purchase it is compulsory to register correctly by entering the required personal data.

From the home page of the site click on “Book”, then choose a beach office: Tropical Beach, bathroom 2, bathroom 3, bathroom 4, bathroom 5, bathroom 6. Once you open the map of the beach bath chosen you will be able to see the availability of the parasols and choose the place and the date that you prefer. After selecting the place on the map click “Buy” from this point you will simply enter:


Click on “Continue with payment”. You access the page “Carta Si”, where you can enter the details of your credit card. At the end of the purchase, an e-mail will be sent containing a voucher from which you can download the invoice to be exhibited at every request of the beach staff.

You can avoid the queues by sitting directly at your own parasol, exhibiting the invoice directly to the lifeguard.  

Note well

Once the purchase procedure has been initiated, 15 minutes are available to complete the payment, then the busy parasols will be freed and re-bookable. The maximum number of beach places selectable amounts to 4.

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