We are taking all the maximum precautions in our balnerary establishments, with the aim of keeping safe and clean environments available for you and your family.

Here, expect to receive the same service and attention that has always distinguished us.

Here we’ve collected some questions and answers that might be helpful:

  • When will the beach of Lignano Riviera open?

The beach of Lignano Riviera will open on 05/30/2020.

  • What protocol do you follow for cleaning?

The cleaning operations are carried out by selected staff, hired and trained directly by our company, wearing the required IPR such as masks and gloves and in possession of sanitizing gel. Toilets and equipment will be sanitised and sanitised frequently as required by ministerial regulations. Customers are asked to be fully respected by the provisions on social space and safety standards. Compliance with sanitization procedures is guaranteed by the constant monitoring and education of staff by special professionals and by the use of sanitized work tools.

  • How will the beach places be organized this year?

The beach places will be more spaced out up to 22 square meters for each individual beach place, in order to ensure greater safety for our customers. At the beach, there will be one-way routes in and out of the establishments to manage flows and avoid assembly. The staff will be equipped with safety devices such as masks and gloves.

  • In this time of exceptional difficulty, can I book my next beach holiday?

Of course, the staff of the LIGNANO RIVIERA SPIAGGIA is reachable by phone daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 39-0431/424411 or by e-mail at spiaggia@sil-lignano.net. Book without fear, through our online booking system (www.lignano-riviera.it), we are always available for any information.

  • Is the use of the mask mandatory at the beach?

The use of face masks is not mandatory outdoors when the safety distance of 1 meter is respected or while sitting at the restaurant or at the bar. The use of face masks is mandatory indoors, for example in toilets or kiosks.

  • What sports will be allowed at the beach this year?

You will not be able to play team sports. Therefore, there will be no beach volleyball courts, beach tennis, etc… to avoid assembly. Individual sports that usually take place at the beach (e.g. rackets) or in water can be regularly practiced, in accordance with interpersonal distance measures.